Qatar, Saudi establish Iraqi Liberation Army in Turkey


Turkish daily Aydınlık has reported that an army known as “Iraq Liberation Army” is being established in Turkey under protection of Erdoğan.
Member of the group are remnants of Ba’ath Party and associates of Tariq al-Hashemi, who are currently receive training in Gullbasi (Turkish Military Training Center).
This newspaper added that Qatar and Saudi Arabia had accepted all financial cost of this project. Some other news suggests that, with the complicity of these governments against Maleki’s government, a number of Iraqi opposition members receive military training in Jordan and Tabuk area of Saudi Arabia.
It is interesting that these measures are in line with the US and UK policies, in which changing of the current Iraqi regime was studied, in Istanbul, Doha and London in 2012.
Analysts believe that the US efforts along with the help of its allies in the region and Zionist lobby are being orchestrated, in order to maintain the security and interest of apartheid Israel in the Middle East.