“ISLAM and VIOLENCE, necessary clarifications”. Rome, 23 January 2016

On Saturday afternoon 23 January at the Link Campus University in Rome will be presented a conference “ISLAM and VIOLENCE, necessary clarifications”. The conference is organized by the Link Campus University, the Cultural Centre of ‘House of Wisdom’ and the Cultural Institute of Islamic Republic of Iran in Rome. 

The conference will begin with the welcome from the President of Link Campus University Vincenzo Scotti and the Honorary President of ‘House of Wisdom’ Carlo Corbucci. The most important experts on Islam in Italy - like Anna Maria Cossiga geopolitical teacher, Mario Polia Religions Historian, the Imam of “Imam Madhi” Centre in Rome, Ghorban Ali Pourmarjan, Director of the Iranian Cultural Centre, Omar Camilletti adviser of Great Mosque in Rome, Pietrangelo Buttafuoco journalist and writer and Tiziana Ciavardini, Cultural Anthropologist and Journalist - will attend the conference. Just few days before the visit in Italy of Hassan Rohani, President of Iran, it is important to focus on two important words: ISLAM and VIOLENCE, since often both of them are used in unappropriated way. We like to explain the most central religious principles of ISLAM and are significant that we have two main religious leaders from Scite and Sunni schools to prove that there is no animosity against the two lines. 

We will emphasis on the word VIOLENCE and how it appears to be used in connection with ISLAM and the facts of violence that are afflicting the world these days. Violence is so far away from ISLAM, and it is just a western invention to promote a feeling of hatred against Muslims by shifting attention from the economic and political interests that are the real cause of wars.